Professional consultant


Environmental consultancy company with dynamic approach

Professionals with rich experiences in field of  environmental management

Innovative company focused on your environmental goals achievement

Creative team focused on effective solutions


Professionalism... high quality services in building environmental systems

Responsibility...for relied and effective solutions

Accuracy...human approach and achievment your needs means our high priority

Flexibility...dynamic responds to your requests

Directness...direct communication

Success...achieving your environmental aims


create and support new useful ideas, trends, technologies and projects that effect our everyday life and society, which have local importance and global impact.


BUILDING ALLIANCES – making partnerships with companies that share similar ideas or develop new ideas with companies that have different scope of contemplation. This can lead to creating new ideas, can help develop new technologies, products or services and all done with the clear environmental impact.

PARTICIPATION - active communication, giving advices and providing services while developing and placing new products, services, technologies, building new entities.  

SPREADING IDEAS: ACT LOCALLY- INSPIRE GLOBALLY: spreading good old and new ideas and real experiences, inspire new ideas and create new projects in many different areas with environmental message –creating sustainable future now!

EARNING WIDE PUBLIC TRUST: services, products, technologies should sustain the story behind it, their environmental impact and social importance. They should provide services, impact peoples lives and make them act more environmentally – motivate them to do more to help, participate, create on the one side but also satisfy their needs on the other side.


With us you will successfully reach your environmental goal.